"There's so many detailers, what makes y'all any different?"

Hi, my name is William “Alex” Yonts (on the right) and this is my partner, and best friend, Nick (on the left). Together, we own and operate Yonts Detailing Services. In November of 2022, I came up with the idea of starting my own detailing business. Like most, I fell in love with cars, boats, atv’s, motorcycles, and airplanes from a young age. However, growing up, I never really did anything with my love for “big boy toys”. My mother’s side of the family comes from a long line of singers/musicians and business owners. So naturally, I explored that some more and fell in love with music and the idea of building something and, ultimately, working for myself. For most of my adolescent years, I always put music as the focus and never really knew what kind of business I wanted to start. That is until one day when I was a Junior in high school, and I was sitting next to one of my friends in class. He was watching auto detailing videos on YouTube. That, I think, is where it all started to spiral, haha. I still have a passion for music and the creative outlet that has on my life, but the art of detailing took my best of both worlds and changed everything. Flash forward 2-3 years, I was working for my mother’s company and decided to resign and begin my PROFESSIONAL detailing journey. On February 2nd, 2023 I launched Yonts Detailing Services and never looked back. A couple months later, my best friend starting working with me and we got to building up our knowledge, experience, and clientele. Within less than 1 year, Yonts detailing Services is not only fully insured, but we are fully licensed and certified to detail and ceramic coat automotive, marine, and aircraft. Trained by the best, we are one of the very few that you can trust with any aircraft detailing, paint correction, or ceramic coating installation with specific practices and industry approved and tested chemicals to assure your safety is our top priority.


As detailers, we are perfectionists. As business owners, we understand not everyone wants that. We offer a wide variety of services to accommodate everyone’s needs and assure satisfaction is guaranteed with each detail!

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